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busting out

I have begun actively to covet my housemate's bedroom. she did not get any job offers this year but is thinking of moving anyway if she can find something reasonable and nice either in the city or in the east bay.

I have to say that as much as I like having her as a housemate I really really really want to move into her room. I have already made plans for the space. the loft will be taken apart and reassembled in there because I have grown used to sleeping in the air and because then I can use the rest of the floor space for spreading things like my computers and guitars and books and cds out in broad array. I will be able to leave my drum machines hooked to the four track which will remain always hooked up to my computer and the pod can stay out and there will be places to put cables and cords and adapters and power strips.

god I can't wait.

I could of course move out myself if I just had to have more space but there is no beating the rent I pay here so I'm willing to bide my time.

I just contradicted myself in case you didn't notice.*

the other day I ordered a file cabinet online. am hoping the housemates don't mind if I put it out in the hall. if they do mind too bad.

* which reminds me that I thought too late of a comeback for my students who pointed out for the nth time that deconstruction finds itself in a performative contradiction when it claims there is no way to know the truth. the comeback doesn't have anything to do with solving the paradox of claiming that the above claim is true but has something to do with living comfortably with paradox and vicious circles. the thing is the point I'm trying to map out is one that flutters around prior to the logical choice of truth and falsity.

I don't know exactly what this means but I think it is a happier place than, say, a philosophy department.

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