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so I was up till 4am doing this and that and almost spending a wad of cash at Musician's Friend until I sobered up a little and decided I should wait until I'd had some sleep before deciding if I really needed that midi controller and now I am pleasantly awake and although I could conceivably do some work I don't want to so I don't think I will.

although counter-productive on the face of it, giving up today to fun and games will undoubtedly send me into such a spiral of self-reproach and guilt that I will write several pages after class on Tuesday. this is a stressful way to do work but I seem to have terrible difficulty in getting the weekend to end once it has gotten going good.

I realize of course that I could take today off and do a bunch of work on Tuesday all without the guilt and self-reproach but I am not sufficiently well-adjusted to do that.

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