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careful what you wish for

so c is moving out. this is not at all unexpected but somewhat sad even so.

although I have to say I can't stop thinking about how I'm going to strew my stuff all over that big room she's leaving me. s and I are not going to look for another housemate so there will actually be some space in which to breathe for a change.

I don't know what we are going to do with my old room. I've always wanted a map room but one can only barely unfold a map in here. I want my books in my room so it doesn't need to be a library.

I've thought about leaving my desktop in here and making it a household internet station which would pretty much mean internet-for-s station.

really I wonder what this room was meant to be. why would you put an 8' X 8' room in a house? it really is a room and not a walk-in closet: it has a window and moulding from which to hang pictures.

c will be moving next weekend. she just found the apartment last week so that part is a little sudden.

because I must finish this chapter in the next 10 days or so I'm not actually going to have time to move into her room anytime soon. I am going to dismantle my loft and reassemble it in there so that will be a bit of a procedure. I might have to go buy some furniture as well--with the bed in the air I will have a lot of floor space to fill and I'd like to set up a music-making area where I never have to put my instruments away but I will need things like shelves and tables upon which to put various pieces of equipment.

the painting will go back up. and maybe the now explosion posters too!

by the way I shouldn't still be up but here I am.

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