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another online test

because i am as self-absorbed as anyone else i really like taking these things. i used to like cosmo quizzes too until i became the wrong gender for them.



Your momentary sensitivity represents that which is of high quality and durable. Consequently, you like to surround yourself with little "gems," which you discover wherever they are overlooked by others.

Thus, culture plays a special role in your life. You have found your own personal style, which is elegant and exclusive, free from the whims of fashion. Your ideal, upon which you base your life, is cultured pleasure. You value a certain level of culture on the part of the people with whom you associate.

i suppose all this could be true depending on how one defines culture. i do collect "gems" that others overlook but mainly i think others overlook them because for the most part they consist of rusty metal objects, animal bones and coils of wire. i guess these things are durable in that they are what remains after oxidation and putrefaction.

and my friends must be "cultured" to the point that they will put up with someone who picks up pieces of fur and muddy cardboard and places them around the house as if on display.

all i can say about the self-assuredness is that i must only have picked this particular image because i spoke a whole lot in seminar on thursday. normally i think i am stupid.

but in my scepticism regarding personality quizzes where every answer is vague enough to be applicable to almost anyone i chose the image i liked least and this is what i got:


well i guess the thing is pretty darned accurate.

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