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thanks for all your "sorrys." they are worth something even though essentially there is not a thing you can do or say in the face of death.

I'm vaguely depressed today and hearing some nagging thoughts that are telling me to get over it already and I realize they are being ridiculous but the thing about these kinds of events is that everything goes on around you as though nothing has happened and so you sometimes get the feeling that the world is just waiting for you to pull yourself together.

teaching tomorrow would depress me anyway but when someone dies you should get a button or a permission slip or something excusing you from everything for awhile.

I don't know yet what sort of memorial is going to occur nor when but I assume it will be before my scheduled trip. I don't know yet if I will fly up especially for that or just wait.

a walk maybe and then distraction with toys. I have a number of new ones.

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