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last night I came this close to cancelling class for today because I just felt too depressed to face it but then I realized that if I stayed home and did not speak to anyone I would just feel a hundred times worse and also again that Jim would teach in the face of the most horrendous circumstances so I sucked it up and went in.

it went ok. even though my TA decided on Tuesday to tell me all the things he thought I was doing wrong I went in and acted like a grownup and carried on.

it was oddly good to be a part of the living world for a couple of hours and by this afternoon some of the gloom had lifted and I thought again about just what it is I want to do given that it has suddenly become so apparent that one can die at 7y7777777777777777 (jackson says hi!) any moment.

thus I should write I think because it is the one thing I know how to do and that doesn't take up much room.

however at this precise moment I am a bit sleepy so tomorrow for writing. may we all wake up and see each other then.

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