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today will be day two of doing no work. this is ok I think. if all else fails I will grade papers all day on monday and give Michael the same version of my chapter that I sent Judith this week. I can just indicate that an Unfortunate Occurence prevented me from tightening it up in between.

still vaguely depressed. the sun is out though and I promised myself the next time that happened I would take my camera for a walk so that's what I'm going to do. the question is whether to go the urban decay route or the nature in the city route. decay seems more interesting. maybe I will walk all the way to the bay and back. I wonder how far that is. there are some nice toxic waste vacant lots in that area.

except for a gathering of CHID folk up there today there won't be a memorial for Jim until April and I think that one will be UW-wide or even world wide as he had a lot of fans all over. I am slated to return here at the end of March so will have to decide whether to fly back up for a day or two.

somehow it all seems so anticlimactic. he's gone and it's over except that now we must carry on. it's odd because while he was still alive there was something sweet about the grief that he soon would be gone, I think because it was still possible to tell him how we hated to see him go. that it all would devolve with his disappearance I didn't quite expect even though they told us over and over this is what would happen.


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