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1. I can't begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to highs of 50F. the weather here is being completely unreasonable.

2. today I received a 4-disk set of Looney Tunes dvds. I'm bringing them with me. who will come over that night?

3. teaching is stressing me out too much. fortunately thursday is the last I have to do of it for a few weeks.

5. I wonder if lisagail has any chipotle sauce left or if I should bring more.

6. I'm somewhat ridiculously excited about being able to use my cell phone on the train. I'm not sure just whom I will call.

7. I've been kind of sad lately and am hoping you all will want to keep me company while I am there. I promise not to be a dejected wet blanket especially if you feed me beer.

8. I'm bringing a camera for I think the first time ever. I realize of course that there will be no sun in which to take pictures. time to perfect my "cloudy" technique.

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