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came home to an envelope with Jim's picture on it and inside was a pamphlet and letter about how to give to a couple of funds that have been set up in his memory/honor. it is full of pictures and quotes from people I know about how extraordinary he was.

the letter inside is from the chair of CHID and is xeroxed and reads "Dear Friend" but the envelope is addressed to my old name. some mailing list somewhere needs to be updated. I wonder if a trip to the registrar's office is in order. I wonder what they need in the way of proof of name change.

here begins the long wait for the train which as you know takes all day and half the night to get here. am somewhat anxious for Jackson just because with C gone, only S will be around to take care of him and although she is very responsible and will see to it that he is pilled and fed the poor little guy is still somewhat afraid of her. it's been five years. she has never done anything but be nice to him. I don't know what his problem is.

but so the other night I was feeling terribly guilty about leaving him and worried that he would think that I had left forever and that he was going to be lonely from now till the end of his days and then I realized I was projecting. he's a cat. he'll sleep through my absence.

to do:
cheer up

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