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10 o'clock news

today I cleaned the toilets and changed the cat litter. it seemed the least I could do. lisagail and K are back from Paris and they had a very nice time and christ this week went by quickly.

tomorrow Aunt Donna picks me up at 8:30am and we drive out to the ocean to see Grandma. we are trying to get there before lunch and will probably leave just after dinner to come back. unlike the last time we made a marathon day trip out of this I won't have been up drinking till 2. thus I hope I-5 through Tacoma won't be quite as woozy-making.

it is good to go with her to see Grandma. they always have interesting conversations and I get to visit each of them vicariously through the other without having to talk very much myself.

sunday I get to see all the cool people--some of them for the second and third time. yay! monday I have no plans yet. tuesday I go home. then saturday I come back. while waiting in the airport this evening for L and K I felt slightly appalled that I am going to be flying within a week. there will be sedatives and beer but still. =:o

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