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slow train to clarksville. or wherever.

at 3am I woke up and we were stopped in the snow where we remained stopped for about two more hours. I didn't know how long we had already been there but later on a train guy announced that our 4-hour delay near Mt Shasta had been due to a broken rail.

I guess I am glad they fixed the rail before we got to it and ran off the tracks. because the train was not moving though I could not fall back asleep until it started off again around 5.

the 4-hour delay meant the crew that got on at Klamath Falls reached the 12-hour mark before we got to where the relief crew was so we stopped cold in the Sacramento Valley and waited for them to take a cab from Marysville where they were waiting for us about half an hour down the road. federal regulations state that train crews not work one minute past 12 hours. this I suppose is also good and might have been spurred by that Amtrak train that took a nose dive off a bridge in the 70s killing several people and alerting the government that running trains safely takes more money than they were putting into it at the time.

we'll see how long before disaster strikes this time around.

the toilets worked intermittently and we were half an hour late getting out of the station in Seattle because every time the train moved the electricity went out. they finally got it all patched up with duct tape or spit or whatever paper clips they could afford.

anyway so I'm here.

wrote a bunch yesterday but must check it to make sure it is postable.

am now covered with Jackson hair. he and I are ecstatic to see each other.

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