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who's wrong

i keep waiting for a burst of eloquence but none is forthcoming and i wonder if this is our education in the ways of the world in the ways of action and reaction and violence and violence. i mean what is there to be said and what is the point of saying it.

i have been reading this philosopher and he has been prattling on about fecundity and filiality and how the i of the father subsists in the son (always the son of course and never the daughter) and thus achieves a certain infinite iteration of the singularity of selfhood but i wonder if identity doesn't break there. hold on i am getting to the point. see what i suspect is another hat trick to cheat death and this philosopher also seems to want to present murder as an impossibility founded perhaps on the idea of the reiterated i but i say the son is an other and breaks with the i and the i will die a sure death and for gods sake obviously murder is possible and death unknowable and certain. something escapes always perhaps and is unwritten perhaps in the history that the survivors write but is it infinite. unrecuperable but vulnerable and murderable. infinite perhaps in a sort of lateral reverberating sort of way but also infinitely fragile in a sort of linear going along sort of way.

it takes not much to stop it going along.

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