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on a quest for shelving options for my new room I took my city carshare beetle down to the Stonestown Galleria for the first time. despite what the website tries to hype it as, it is a mall. the moment I walked into it I was hungry and the moment I walked out I ceased to be hungry. I did not eat anything while I was there. I suspect subliminal promptings.

I went there to visit the local Hold Everything store which was so small and offered so little it should have been called the Hold Pretty Much Nothing store. there were five kinds of magazine files and two types of cd/dvd racks and no shelves at all. for some reason the store was stocked almost exclusively with little drawer units with little square drawers with little label holders on the drawers. apparently this was the Hold Your Extensive Collection of Three-By-Five Cards store.

from there I went to Macy's to look for a belt because either my old one is stretching or my ass is disappearing so I need a smaller one and all the 36's were gone.

after that I had no desire to stay at the mall. I remember when the mall was my entertainment center but that was when we were sixteen and just learning to drink beer and the mall had a pinball/video game arcade. I think perhaps I should write about this. pinball and tempest and beer kept me from suicide on many an occasion.

there were school age kids there who looked like they all just got out of school. they were laughing and yelling and hugging each other and I just thought about how weird it all was. kids should get together to paint pictures and write poetry. or at least take strong drugs that make them realize wonderful things.

anyway I should have gone to REI to spend my dividend but I had run out of time on my car reservation. something to do tomorrow. after I paint the floor.

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