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1. it is finally paint-the-floor day.

2. I have adopted a five week old black and white tuxedo kitten. he stays with mom for a few more weeks so have time to talk Jackson into wanting a little brother.

3. only one week left of non-teaching and I have papers to grade but I'm not grading any today. those four weeks went fast.

4. I have no idea what I'm going to do for money this summer. anyone need poetry badly enough to pay for it?

5. I've been writing songs in my sleep again. woke up twice this morning to hum two melodies into my voicemail. will check in a bit to see if they are any good or even any different from each other. in my dreams they sounded wonderful but so much in your dreams can be wonderful or horrible that in the cold light of day is simply mundane.

6. I'm watching several vintage paint-by-number auctions on ebay. much of the household "art" belonged to C. plus I think I might actually have wall space in the new room. especially missed is the original Cheesecake on Plate that someone at school gave to her. it was really a painting of cheesecake. the kind you eat. the kind that comes out of the oven before you eat it.

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