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drying out

that didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would. the man at Ace Hardware was right in that one little can just covered the hundred-or-so square feet of the room. there is a little left over in case I find that I've missed spots but painting black over an already mostly black floor is fairly easy.

it did make me sweat though. I painted with my shirt off and now there are little drops of me painted into the floor. I wonder whose sweat I painted over.

I'm anxious to put my shelves together. I can recoat the floor in 4 hours but something tells me I should wait at least a day before banging furniture around on it. someone tell me if I am wrong.

I found a pair of pants I decided I did not care about and then proceeded to get absolutely no paint on them. the nice thing about painting the floor is it does not drip down on you.

what is going to take fucking forever is getting all the shit in here into there once the floor is ready. the object density is slightly overwhelming. and considering it took five years to install all the shelves and geegaws under my loft I have no idea how long it is going to take to uninstall them. I need more time off.

that is pretty much my endless refrain but it is usually true.

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