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it is just after 4:30am and I think I'm going to open a beer.

I'm having a great time. filed my income taxes and netted a nice fat refund.
these are the sorts of things I do now when I stay up all night.

oh but that's not all. I also moved a bunch of crap and threw away a bunch of crap and cleaned up a bunch of crap. the process of going through everything I own and deciding if I want to own it any longer (ok this implies I believe in ownership which I'm not sure I do but if we can just go along with the colloquial sense of the term for now) is strangely gratifying even as it is tedious. and every time I do something like this I envision a new leaf in organizing and cleaning as though from now on each object will have its place and it will be a neat place and it will be placed in its place immediately upon its arrival in the domain of places which it is my lot to take care of.

this of course never quite comes to pass but instead the cleaned out spots become heir to new random piles of increasing width and height until I can't stand it anymore and I go through all the crap that has accumulated since last time I went through all my crap.

the mail is to blame for much of this. no matter how many pieces of paper you recycle a fresh batch will be delivered to your door day after day after day after day and unless you are pathologically fastidious there is no way to keep it from littering up all those places you would like to keep neat. and yet who among us does not look forward to the delivery of the mail and who among us is not somewhat disappointed at those moments on Sundays and holidays when we remember there will be no mail today.

today for instance there will be no mail. today!

I wonder when sunrise is.

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