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ah sunday. the day where I arise at 2pm, have two cups of coffee, a bowl of cereal and then a beer. and since it is easter I will have at least two beers. at least.

zyrc's musings on justice and mercy and frontier justice in particular have got me to thinking and thinking that I need to write a paper on frontier justice sometime very soon but thinking also that first I need to write my second chapter to see just what Levinas has to say about mercy's relationship to justice and whether there is a kind of mercy in the unending interpretation of the letter of the law, which itself would seem to demand only justice, and a stern one. because my inner jew hates to lose to the christians and hates to think that they might be able to trump evolution and becoming with messianic presence.

anyway. that's the coffee talking. what I have to do today is clear off and move the oil drum. many of you are acquainted with the oil drum. zyrc probably remembers moving it and wondering why the hell I keep dragging it around with me but it has become one of my most sacred objects. if I ever start a metal percussion band I'm going to have to steal another one because I don't think I would want to subject this one to any more denting and beating.

for you see the oil drum supports my wider collection of metal objects and bones and skins and feathers and rocks and little animal figurines and in this tiny room I have had to press it into double duty as a personal effects holder as well so it is also piled with change and pills and its own separate collection of random pieces of paper. clearing it off could take some time.

and some beer.

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