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nothing a $250 look under the hood can't cure

Jackson and I had an outing to the emergency vet today because he'd been gagging and coughing and choking since last night and wasn't eating or drinking and was generally looking poorly. I suspected a bit of timothy hay in the craw since ever since S got her rabbit Jackson likes to sit by the cage and nibble on the rabbit's food but because he also has a heart condition I was worried a little more deeply about congestive heart failure when he did not seem better after 18 hours and the cough sounded more and more wet.

naturally by the time I got the car and got him and got there he had stopped coughing and choking and gagging and whatnot. but they xrayed him to find that his lungs looked fine and his heart looked fine and his kidneys and everything else below the diaphragm looked fine and so I mentioned the hay and the vet took a long look down Jackson's throat but couldn't see anything but throat so we got the standard 7-day regimen of antibiotics in case he is coming down with bronchitis or something but if you ask me what happened was he gulped down that piece of hay that was sticking in his throat when I put him in the car.

little bugger.

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