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so the fog came in so there is a cool westerly breeze coming in through my window so this morning I go to shut it from wide open to only slightly open so I remove the two by four that holds the window up because it is one of those old 100-pound windows for which the counterweights broke long long ago and since it has been painted over a hundred million times the window sticks in the up position so I give it a little tug and it doesn't move so I reach down to the two by four for a reason I don't even remember now and suddenly the window comes undone and slams down on my little finger with all it's 100-pound mass times velocity momentum.


I don't think it is broken (if it was broken you'd be screaming!) because it doesn't hurt too much which really surprises me because the window is fucking heavy and hit my finger fucking hard but two things cause me concern and that is 1) I'm already on a low dose of painkillers :/ and 2) the swollen area that sustained most of the impact is actually numb. so for all I know it hurts like a son of a bitch and I just can't tell. it's not bent or anything though. seems still to point in the direction it did before.

I have a package coming from FedEx today so wanted to hang around the house. after it gets here I will either go to Walgreen's and get a little splint or to the hospital and get whatever more than that it seems I need by then.

stupid window.

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