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last night begs to be written up but for now I'll just say that if you are in the Bay Area and like fringe theater you might consider catching my friend Ray's play, The Sweet New, at the Exit theater in San Francisco. next weekend is its last. the play asks a lot of questions and, refreshingly, does not rush to answer them in any sort of politically correct--or incorrect--way. the blurb doesn't say so but the youngest member of the Italian family in the play is ftm but the production frames transsexuality as part of larger questions of identity and agency.

the actors were all really good too.

afterwards Ute and I went to a bar in the tenderloin and watched the hooker scene outside through the front window of the bar. it was extremely interesting and will find its way into a story here soon.

in the meantime to be journalesque and pro-personal growth and all that I feel like I might have found something like a tiny underground literary niche to fall into. the odd thing is that I've known Ray and Red and Ute for some time but it is just now occuring to me that I can do something similar to what they are already doing and they will welcome the opportunity to get to know my work.

see this sort of thing is a novel realization for me. as some of you might recall from the band days, I always had the sense that I was inflicting my work on people when I performed. not to say this feeling has completely vanished but I have at least decided that I am no more inflicting my work on them than they are doing the same to me and if nothing else we have the civility and mutual respect to allow each other to do so. this too is new.

all from reading to fifteen people and going to a friend's play with forty. yay for me.

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