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unpaid political advertisment

from the Kerry folks, this plea:

From: "Mary Beth Cahill, Kerry for President" <>
To: catdoc@
Subject: You made this possible
Date: 03 May 2004 09:40:51 PDT

Half a million supporters made this possible: we're firing back with the biggest ad buy in presidential politics ever.

Now we're fighting to double our base in May. Click here to view the ads and join our movement.


Dear Erik,

This morning George Bush woke up to a surprise.

John Kerry has been under fire from petty, negative sniping from the Bush campaign for weeks. Thanks to you, we're now firing back. We're launching the biggest single ad buy in presidential politics ever. We're answering George Bush's barrage of attack ads with a strong, clear, and positive message. Watch the ads you made possible right now on our site.

Our campaign was supposed to be out of money and silenced right now. Half a million of you on our email list made this miracle possible. But this race has only just begun -- and as much as we've accomplished this spring, we've got to do it all twice as big this summer.

Double our numbers! Move us forward. Forward this email to your friends and family and ask them to join us here:

By asking someone to sign up on, you're giving them ringside seats to the most exciting Presidential campaign in a generation.

Today we're launching our "Million in May" campaign. We're not asking for money. We're asking you to count to ten.

If you're mad about what George Bush is doing, count to ten.

If it makes you angry how far George Bush has taken America from the values we care about...if you're outraged at how his administration has pushed the American dream out of reach for too many American families...if you've had it with their "do anything, say anything" campaign to win four more years of power...count to ten.

Search your address book...think through your list of friends and family...and find 10 people you can give the opportunity to become part of this campaign.

To stop George Bush from moving America backward, take this message and send it forward. Please ask ten of your friends to join John Kerry today by visiting:

Thank you,

Mary Beth Cahill
Campaign Manager, John Kerry for President

Please do not reply to this message. To contact John Kerry for President, please click here.

Contributions or gifts to John Kerry for President, Inc. are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.
National Headquarters: 901 15th Street, NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20005, U.S.A.

Paid for by John Kerry for President, Inc.

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