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expansion team

the little guy is here. no pictures until tomorrow; I'm letting him hide behind the bunny food in the cabinet in the animal room and keeping the door closed to keep Jackson out. I let Jackson in to visit for a little while and he peered at the kitten hiding behind the food and hissed a soft little Jackson hiss. we're thinking he must have been reading assertiveness training books. after he hissed he ran away. I guess standing your ground is covered in later chapters.

tonight and tomorrow night at least kitten will spend the night in animal room with rats and bunny--he is too small to create any trouble for them, I'm fairly sure. I can't wait for Jackson to get used to him and then I will have two cats on the bed! which means I no longer will be able to turn over in my sleep.

I don't know what his name will be. his mother's person has been calling him Tennessee Tuxedo as he is the black and white variety and although I don't care for the Tuxedo end of the name I kind of like Tennessee. but I have to get to know him and see what sticks.

bed. the cats and I have had an eventful day.

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