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short but obscene rant

there is a way in which Rush Limbaugh is actually right. not that abusing Iraqi prisoners should be accepted as a mere prank, but in the whole "boys will be boys and shouldn't we expect this sort of thing" attitude. they will. we should.

the problem is the idiots in the White House think it is possible to run a clean war, one in which everyone wins, there are no atrocities, and humans all act in reasonable and humane ways. well guess what. you open a can of chaos you get chaos. war is always messy and you never can control the soldier in the field and you send people out to get shot at and they will relieve their stress on whatever targets are handy.

Bush can apologize all he wants and can promise to punish the guilty, but this is his war and there will be other incidents worthy of punishment and ultimately he sanctioned them all simply by relying upon war as a primary instrument of political change. stupid fuck.

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