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sir edmund hillary cat

kitten is on a quest to explore all the top shelves tonight. I don't know why exactly but up is apparently the place to go.

I may name him Santiago and call him Ben for short and if this makes no sense to you then you must not have heard of my crush on Benito Santiago the Giants' catcher of the past few years who was let go over the off season for some young buck as Santiago was getting a bit long in the tooth for them I guess.

I'm not bitter at all but Santiago did a hell of a lot better hitting after Bonds than Feliz is doing.

but I digress. Santiago seems somewhat sophisticated for this little punk but I like the sound of it and he does live in a latino neighborhood.

anyway if you think it is just too dorky to name your pet after your sports hero tell me but I might not listen. if not Santiago then I was thinking Pablo for no one in particular except maybe Picasso.

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