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those of you in the bay area actually have a chance to come to this but the rest of you will just have to live vicariously for a moment.

Wednesday night I will be reading, briefly, at Retool and Grind which is the same open mic I read at last month. it is nominally a transmen's event but everyone is welcome. we even let bio boys and girls perform! but perhaps the bigger draw than me is that James Green is this month's featured reader so his time at the mic will be extended. if you don't know who James Green is: he's perhaps the most outspoken and activist ftm in the country. he took over FTM International when its founder died, and he goes around the world lecturing and reading and whatnot.

in any case, I heard him read yesterday at the library and he is very good.

the event starts at 7pm at Eros, 2051 Market Street at Church, San Francisco--across from the Safeway. it is a sex club, but the lounge where we do this is right there as you enter, so you don't have to make the possibly embarrassing journey past the--well I actually don't know how it is set up back there. I have yet to explore. however we in the lounge are treated to the occasional cute boy passing through wearing only a towel. this may be incentive or it's opposite. your call.

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