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on a lighter note there is this thing that my cat does which amuses me and that is he is obsessed with crumpled paper but only if i show it to him. there are many bits of crumpled paper on the floor but he only pays attention to the ones i pick up and place on the rungs of the ladder up to my bed so that he can knock them off or grab them with his teeth and hurry off to rip them up as this is his mission in life. a couple of weeks ago i made the mistake of waving a piece of crumpled paper around in front of him and he bit into it and right through my finger. i bled. i haven't bled from a cat bite since working in the veterinary business years ago but when i told friends that my cat had bitten me they immediately asked well what were you doing to him. it is always the human's fault when cats bite. i learned this in the veterinary business as well.

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