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so I've been up since 7:30. going to bed at 8:30 does not lend itself to sleeping till noon. especially when a dancing GI tract wakes you up promptly at sunrise.

I keep thinking I have to come up with other ways of amusing myself than sitting here all day. but what would they be? they can't involve much walking. I could take a series of photographs of everything in my room I guess, but then that deep blue polarized sky that I am obsessed with would not appear in any of them. I'd have to get used to different colors. perhaps that would be a good thing.

yesterday I trained my camera on the cat tree where both cats were sweetly sleeping and Jackson woke up, took one look at the camera, and dashed away in a panic. he is so not very smart. I have taken his picture on a number of occasions and the camera has not once tried to eat him.

have been thinking of a million things to write about. or at least three. I should get to it.

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