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home fronts

because of course this all about how it affects me. mememememe. because of course this is all about how it affects me there is this one good thing and that is that religious extremism has come to look quite absurd to me. ok sure you all already know this but the southern baptists in my head do their best to confuse me and sometimes they succeed.

i sometimes wonder what it is like not always to be carrying on debates in your head. i used to know. i mean what would you do if you woke up one morning to find jerry fallwell or even the islamic jihad had taken up residence in the most kneejerky parts of your brain. one thing i can do at least is laugh at them and feel sorry for them and wish them well in their search for stability. because that is all they want but unfortunately i don't really believe in the stances necessary for stability so they are somewhat stuck with me and my disinclination to believe in anything wholeheartedly. but then i guess i am also stuck with them.

how many of you out there address yourself as them.

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