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1) I've been up since 5:30. ok I went to bed at 9:30 so this equals eight hours but still. the cats decided to start roughhousing on the bed the moment I opened my eyes. their dishes were not empty. I do not know what their damage was.

2) dsl is still broken. until housemate S wakes up I don't feel guilty monopolizing the phone line though. I can't call SBC to see what the problem is as they have one of those automated phone answering systems that I hate, the kind where you have to speak your selection off a menu rather than press a number. it will surprise none of you to know that I have to yell my selections into the phone because my voice operates at a frequency that these things have a hard time picking up. so I'd wake S if I called now.

3) if I started now I could have ten papers graded by noon. I won't start now and I won't keep going that long but at least I have a few hours to play with here. I do not know how awake I'm going to be after this cup of coffee though. when I get up this early coffee sometimes puts me back to sleep.

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