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so I buy a new modem and plug it in and it still won't connect so I call the techie guy back and says hm and does a few things then asks what operating system I use and I say OS X and he says what's that and I say oh I use a mac and he says oh let me find someone who knows macs and he does and he patches in Doug so now I am on a conference call with this guy whose name I did not catch and Doug as they go poking about and muttering random letters and numbers that mean nothing to me until they note that at some point between my house and the internet a component that I was networked to has been removed but no one moved me to whatever new one or other one was to take its place.

so after more numbers and letters that mean nothing to me and I'm sitting there watching the pretty lights flash on my new modem as these guys I do not know do things to it from far away which in and of itself is somewhat disturbing and makes me want to set up multiple firewalls after a while they get me hooked up to whatever component I need to be hooked up to and voila.

oddly I suspected this morning that the problem was Out There and not In Here but I went out and got the new modem anyway accepting as slightly plausible that the old one would have gone tits up on the very day that there was a service outage in this area.

anyway I say to the guy whose name I did not catch thanks and I could be mad at you for making me buy a new modem but going to Best Buy and spending money is an end in itself and he apologized and said but the new modem is much better.


I have a much better modem now.

and dsl is back. wo0t.

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