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do re mi

ever want to write something here just so you could say what music you were listening to either because you are listening to some far out band that only the coolest of the cool listen to or you just know your musical choice is evocative of a certain something and you are certain that the mere mention of the song title will cause this certain something to stir within the hearts of your friends?

well i am listening to a live version of pink floyd's 'fat old sun' which is one of my favorite songs ever but it is in a key that i can't quite sing these days which is a real shame but i have a hard time singing a lot of songs these days since my voice cracks horribly in that in between chest and head range. so badly so that two different notes often come out which i suppose i could hawk as a new avant garde technique but no it just sounds like a gawky teenager trying to hit a note and missing horribly. and there is nothing i can do about it. all the willing in the world can't do away with my warbly imprecision and even if i can hear the right tone in my head i can't produce it to save my life. this sucks a little but at least i have sideburns.

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