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robert deniro is waiting

watched The Deer Hunter for the first time.

yeah my film cultural literacy quotient isn't what it should be. am trying to catch up at least in certain areas such as the cowboy narrative and the american militarist death romance.

interesting the way death is cast as the other in this film. of course death is the other it is that which we can never know but it is also that with which we are most intimate. but Nick doesn't get to die until he goes native whereas the other two redeem themselves by coming home. so I guess it's a captive narrative as well.

the production notes have director Cimino saying that the war could have been any war and have had the same effect on the characters and I suppose that xenophobia might be endemic to any war but the vietnamese were particularly inhuman this particular depiction.

I don't have much else to say about it at this point. it was startling and somewhat harrowing and worth the three hours.

that's it. this is how I got through wednesday evening. hi.

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