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I had some other thoughts on The Deer Hunter this morning but they've all wandered off leaving remnants like

the hero succeeds in bringing one friend back home but not the other so there is some tragicomic complexity to the overall thesis

I can't decide if the singing of God Bless America at the end is supposed to be ironic, comic, or poignant or all three and as the two who do make it home are irretrievably mangled this singing at the end either lends a narrative consistency back to their lives or shows the futility of trying to do so or pokes gentle fun at the attempt

it is interesting that when two of the characters go to get cups for the coffee in the last scene they bring back about three times as many as there are people as though some crowd has inexplicably vanished while they were gone

I wonder if there is any irony in the fact that these sons of russian immigrants learned "russian" roulette from their very alien counterparts in vietnam and what this says about american alienation and naturalization and the relationship of those to life and death

now the question is what to watch or read this evening. do I go for the similarly long-winded new version of Apocalypse Now or the reasonably lengthed Outlaw Josey Wales or do I pick up a book and if so which one.

if I spent less time fretting about what to do and just did something anything I'd get a whole bunch more done than I do.

on the other hand I'm not convinced that getting things done is life's highest calling. but it does make me feel better. usually.

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