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I have two hours before I have to leave to be somewhere and must decide how to spend that time. I could read something. anything. I am in the middle of at least 25 books and have come to the conclusion that when all else fails I should be reading one of them if not three or four at a time. last night I picked up a book, read a few pages, picked up another book, read a few pages, picked up another book--the mistake I made was starting a new book which I have told myself I must not do again until I finish one that I am reading now. but it's a thin volume of poetry so shouldn't slow me down too much except that poetry always slows you down.

some time ago c and I were watching a Buffy rerun that I had not yet seen and c announced: you are about to experience extreme grad student envy. at which point willow started opening books, placing her fingers on the pages, and absorbing every bit of information in them within a few seconds. this was visualized as letters and words zipping up her arms and into her head, leaving the pages blank.

man I wish. if only buying the books were as good as reading them.

the other things I could do include hooking up musical equipment and messing around with it, carrying on some online conversations, or finally picking up where I left off in moving into this room. there are a few things left in the barnyard room that I need to incorporate into this space, and the wardrobe in the livingroom still has rejected socks and underwear in it as well as linens I never use.

probably I will stare at the screen for at least a few more minutes waiting for it to provide me with either the answer or the excuse to do nothing.

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