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why isn't the post office closed

did I mention that tonight I will be seeing Lady Bunny? am commencing the celebration with Patti and beer and anticipating losing myself in that weird nostalgia that occasionally makes its appearance right in front of you causing you to wonder what or who was going on back then and what or who is going on now and whether they are connected at all or if there is something irretrievable in both instances but different in each. one headed one way and the other another. perhaps loss is a necessary adjunct to linear conceptions of time.

but so it is queer month in san francisco and there are tourists all over and I have three drag shows to go to this week and the beer boycott is over and and and and. with the energy born of several weeks' abstinence I am ready to take the world on in several late-night bouts and will no doubt be exhausted come parade time sunday but probably I will go anyway. that one 500-person parade in Atlanta pretty much dictates to me that I always go even when it is the biggest parade of the year where I am now and even when the politicians step all over each other to be in it and even when dance and drum corps that have nothing to do with queer anything join in just because it is a parade and even when the anti-gay religious nuts don't bother to show up anymore. hell, even when several churches field parade contingents.

what would mom say. we're all damned I guess.

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