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my heart was doing weird things all night last night so I didn't get much sleep. pounding pounding pounding from midnight to 2 and then slowing waaaaaay down around 5 this morning to the extent that I would relax to go back to sleep only to feel this thump.....thump..............thump.......................................THUMP! which would wake me somewhat alarmed and then I would relax and then it would do the same thing so I turned over thinking maybe it was tired of me lying on my right side and that seemed to help somewhat or I was sleepy enough finally to ignore it and thus slept until 8 when the cats decided it was time for me to get up.

for all that I feel oddly alert. I'm sure this will pass.

so I fire up the computer and check out all my web places and find out the Gorge show is having a "radio presale" starting this morning so I get all excited and quickly figure out that The End is the station involved so I join their secret society in time to get the password and then I get even more excited and at 10am I find out that it is a general admission show so that was anticlimactic. I wasn't that surprised at festival seating but I thought maybe they would reward early birds with that special section down close but I guess they aren't doing things that way this time around. ok well I have my ticket and the rest of you are on your own.

but the important piece of information is that I will be in Seattle sometime surrounding Aug 21. now I need to figure out how I'm getting there and where I'll be staying when and how I will be proposing to get over to eastern washington to this ridiculously expensive show.

at least now I have something to look forward to. this funky evening mood might in part have something to do with there having been no special treats on the horizon.

it just occurred to me that if I leave in the middle of the Cure's set I won't have to sit in that three-hour traffic jam getting out of the parking lot. hm!

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