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fourth report

I don't much care that it's the fourth of july or that is I don't get excited about it although I think there may be something notable in the way in which american economic energy got free from control of the british crown but whether this was a huge overall blow for freedom I cannot say. it did set us loose to pursue manifest destiny and conquer the west which looks uncomfortably like bringing liberty to the Iraqis at gunpoint.

in any case I have a bizarre little cat. Santiago rushed into the bathroom after I had showered to jump in the tub and roll around in the puddles still there. he's become fascinated with water in the past couple of weeks. comes running when you wash dishes so that he can stick his paw in the stream and then flick it around and get everything wet. occasionally he sticks his whole head under the faucet and then shakes off like a dog. and sometimes he bites at the stream like a labrador with a garden hose. I'm not sure what kind of animal he is.

in a minute I am off to brunch with U and Red and a friend I have not met yet. I told them I was feeling antisocial so they have to let me go immediately after the meal. I think it is admirable of me that I am agreeing to see people. I mean I like these people and it is not as though I'm never going to want to see them again but you know. sometimes people are too much. I don't know if restaurants are actually open today but I guess we'll find out.

when I get back my fingers will have re-hardened from the shower and I can go back to learning guitar. I hope the neighbors don't mind.

last night I drank beer like a law-abiding citizen. the thing is these past few months not drinking much has resulted in some reduction of the spare tire around my waist so I'm of two minds as to whether to take it up again in earnest. the thing to remember is that one night in a row is fun whereas two or more nights in a row tend to resemble some weird drudgery in which we serve the beer instead of the other way around.

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