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I'm up with a sore throat and aching limbs. no fever yet. I hope whatever it is moves either south or north and out of my throat. of run-of-the-mill symptoms, a sore throat is right up there with nausea and vomiting on the discomfort and un-ignorability scale. it is hard to sleep through either one. with a sore throat you can't just sit there and feel lazily crappy because you are actually in pain.

actually I have kind of a phobia of strep. not that I worry about complications but just because I had never felt more pain in my throat than when I had it a few years ago. I really don't ever want to have to deal with that again. of course once I got some antibiotics I felt better within 12 hours and I suppose if these were the days before antibiotics I would have just shriveled up and blown away because I could not eat or drink so I can't complain too much. still for a couple of days it felt like the back of my throat was being scraped with a razor blade.

have been going over the past couple of days to try to figure out when I neglected to wash my hands. when you live on mission st you wash your hands after coming home no matter how short a time you were out there.

walgreens doesn't open till 9. I need cepacol and popsicles.


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