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this almost never happens

so at 7 I took 400mg of ibuprofen after reading the label and seeing that it doesn't promise to do a thing for sore throats but it was all I had and I figured at least it would help the aches and it did so I was able to fall asleep for 5 more hours and when I woke up the sore throat was much better!


I feel good enough to drink coffee which is always the first thing to go. maybe I just have a cold.

this is good because I need to go to school tomorrow to a) find out where my money is and b) hustle for a job this fall. I was offered teaching but turned it down in hopes of finding something less demanding to do like a research assistantship or a reader position. I sent off email to all my faculty friends inquiring after such opportunities and have received nada in response. I think I have to go track them down.

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