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very hard to type with one hand. have a kitten on my other arm. must not disturb.

cold progressing: sore throat eases with ibuprofen, comes back hours later. will campaign for abx if keeps up but getting to dr's office a chore. school excursion put off till thur; if throat sore then perhaps will go to student health ctr. I feel guilty using public health system in SF for things school will pay for.

have been spending much time on web-based board, walk away from fundamentalism. if you want to see how conservative xtianity fucks people up, have a look. is very interesting talking to folks with church-inflicted OCD & PTSD. thought I was only one. the internet is a wondrous thing.

oh dear. Santiago has awakened and moved. this means I must make a decision as to whether or not to do work. gosh. I just don't know.

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