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so I'm feeling a little better today so I get on the bus to go to amoeba to look for more smog cds of which they had none that I was looking for so I don't buy any and I'm coughing a little but still feeling fairly ok so I go downtown for no particular reason but to take a ride so I get on bart and come back to the mission and stop at radio shack on the way home for a combination of cables and adapters that I need but oddly I do not already own and I get home and sit down and play guitar for a few minutes before realizing I am too stupid to play guitar today so I put it back and get down a book and after about thirty pages I notice I feel like crap!

my throat hurts after not hurting particularly all day and I'm slightly feverish and achey and I'm coughing coughing coughing and the reason this all is happening now instead of yesterday or today is because the student health center was open yesterday and today but is closed on weekends.

you'd think it was mono or something: take two steps out the door and get sick all over again. am thinking that perhaps three days flat on my back in bed might be needed to kick this thing's ass.

but it might get me out of a party tomorrow. I mean it's for a good friend who like so many got his PhD and then got a job on the east coast so this is our farewell but it's a party. I'd much rather it were a small outing to Santa Rosa to see a dozen puppies. perhaps I can show up promptly at 8, share a beer, try not to shed any virus, and come right back home. it's all of four blocks away.

I'm ready to feel better now.

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