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those of you concerned for my health last night will be somewhat comforted to know that I did go to bed at midnight instead shopping for legos. but coughing kept me really from sleeping until about 4am when for some reason I stopped coughing quite so much and fell asleep until just a few minutes ago. so either way I got eight hours although right now my body would be happier with ten or twelve.

today I am checking on the progression of the disease by not taking any ibuprofen (my last was at the aforementioned 4am) and seeing what symptoms remain. so far my throat is sore but not terribly so. I don't think I'm feverish but let's see what happens after I am up for awhile.

I have to get better so I can start reading and writing that complicated dissertation stuff again. I finished Little Britches and started D'Arcy McNickle's The Surrounded and although there are interesting things going on in both of them I am having a difficult time staying on top of what I think I think about them. as is I'm supposed to be doing the theory chapter but I just don't know if I could marshal the mental energy to reread Levinas or finish Fragments of Redemption. tomorrow I am going to try. one more day of guitar and fiction.

at least my fingers are toughening up. and yesterday I learned the Ionian scale. I know that's just do-re-mi but on the fretboard do-re-mi is more complicated than it is on the piano. although at the same time it is somewhat less so: once you learn the pattern it is the same no matter what note you start on.

today the Aeolian. this is about as far as I got with piano lessons.

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