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it is now time to get more cough syrup. not that I can really see that it is working. I don't know if repeating the dose every four hours between 8pm and 4am is what finally stops the coughing at 4 or if my body just goes through a throat tickle cycle when the sun goes down. for several years I've had an intermittent dry cough that rarely occurs during the day but sometimes wakes me in the middle of the night. I'm fairly sure it is nothing serious but is related to my last real bout with strep, because it started then and then never went away completely.

anyway so nighttime is kind of cough time to begin with here.

surely you all are sick of hearing about my being sick so I'll add that I've been reading and managed to take about five sentences' worth of notes on what I've read which is very good considering I can't really think at the moment and now I'm going to venture out for food and whatnot and then come back and play for a bit and the webcam's been on but I will be turning it off here in a sec but then back on again.

not that it is terribly interesting to watch me read but hey who am I to tell you how to spend your time.

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