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um. thanks.

I made the hour-long trek to the student health center in Berkeley where I spoke with a nurse practitioner who thinks my throat is sore from nasal drainage and I have to say I'm not convinced really because I've had lots of those and this feels different but she said try some claritin and if it doesn't go away in another week then come back.


I will take the claritin in the morning so if I have any bizarre reaction to it I won't be lying there heart pounding in the middle of the night. it's not like it's antibiotics that need to get going right away.

when I got home I called my regular doc's voicemail to find out she is out of town until next week. I was going to try to sneak in to see her tomorrow night so now that's out.

ah well. I'm not running a fever so I must not be about to die.

my blood pressure was up and my heart rate was elevated which always happens when I go to a new medical establishment. it's a reptile brain thing. but nurse practitioner said to keep an eye on the numbers. when regular doc gets back from wherever she is I will go in and get blood pressure taken and, if throat is still sore, get attention for that as well.

I hate going to the doctor. well. I don't mind going to the one I've known for seven years now. I hate going to the unfamiliar doctor.

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