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color me the same color as everyone else: I got an ipod. although at first I thought eh what's another mp3 player and won't it be nice to have a hard drive dedicated to music so I can free up laptop space but as I was organizing my playlists (which involved decomissioning Audion, my old mp3 software, and moving all my music into the iTunes folder and deleting all the duplicates that were generated when I tried a couple of ways to do this automatically and all this took about three hours) I started to realize that carrying my entire music collection around in my pocket is a stunning new thing.

ok the entire collection won't fit on there. or I'm not going to rip every cd I own in order to find out if it would. but the collection of favorite songs from nearly all my cds plus whatever I've downloaded or ripped from others' cds so far only fills up about 1/3 of the ipod and suddenly I no longer have to plan what music I want to listen to because it is all right there.

I feel almost embarrassed at the degree of instant gratification now available. life shouldn't be this easy.

of course life isn't easy and no matter how easy we make it for ourselves we go to great lengths in other areas to make it as difficult as possible and I have certainly managed to complicate things elsewhere but creature comforts have sure come a long way and I wouldn't want to go back.

there are legos on the way too. this spending spree was brought on by telling myself that I could not buy that guitar but could get a couple of less expensive things if I wanted.

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