Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

pant pant

i have about a minute before i must shower and then run to meet a friend for coffee. i keep thinking that i will have some time to sit and write here and then somebody calls or comes home and spirits me away somewhere. i have been more social in the last five days than i have the whole year so far.

i don't know if i will come back bigger or smaller from this vacation. i am drinking beer every night and that tends to put on that layer of alcohol fat but on the other hand it is a mile and a half walk straight uphill to get anywhere from where i am staying so hopefully i will shed the beer calories that way.

i had where-i-used-to-work anxiety dreams last night. i was working in a vet clinic that was oddly situated inside a discount department store and there were rows upon rows upon rows of cages filled with cats and dogs and birds and, in one, tiny tiny buffalo. no i've never worked with buffalo before but there they were, about five inches tall! there were several of us technician types working but there were so many cages to clean and animals to feed that it took us all day to make any dent in the job at all. and then these cats kept appearing on my shoulder -- someone had apparently handed them to me and forgotten to tell me what their names were and why they were here, so i would wander around with this anonymous cat looking for a clean cage and wondering what we were to do with it.

i have these kinds of dreams from time to time. i don't know what they mean.

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