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the maiden voyage with the ipod and itrip was successful insofar as I found a frequency that was not already overrun with signals--not easy in the megalopolis by the sea--and I figured out how to get the thing actually to transmit on that frequency. of course the sound quality is pretty much like listening to your favorite songs on the radio: song appears intermittently between mud and static. still an ipod is more compact than 150 cds so this might work well enough for the impending road trip up the coast.

if I knew whether the rental car had a cassette player I'd consider getting a cassette adapter instead so that the sound did not have to travel through the treacherous air first. but most car stereos these days are cd only it seems so until I see the cassette player in the car I won't waste the money.

not that I have anything against wasting money.

I didn't really get very far today as I spent all my car time shopping. new jeans from macy's, new cheapy stereo for the living room. since c moved and took her boombox there is no way to blare music while cleaning and without blaring music I cannot clean. now we need a piece of furniture to put it on. there are plants on top of the vcr or it could go there but we need a shelf or something for the bare wall that c left behind when she also took her bookshelf. gods forbid we be able to see a wall in this house. perhaps I will wander the neighborhood tomorrow in search of cast-offs. that is the best way to find furniture in san francisco. it's the sidewalk economy: take a chair when you need one, leave a chair when you have extra.

which reminds me. I need to deposit my clothes on the sidewalk already. if I am up after the bars close perhaps I will do that tonight. I'd take them to the community thrift store which gives its profits to the charity of your choice but really I would rather that whoever needs my old socks get them for free and I don't know of any particular agency that would pass them out without charge or that would pass them out without taking the choicest items for themselves first. and of course I only discard the most fashionable of garments!

I was going to dedicate my evening to making playlists but I've gotten up to not quite two and a half hours on this one and my attention span is about shot. it could be time for legos.

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