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I was going to log on here and huff and puff about how I've come all the way over to Berkeley to meet with Judith to find a note on her door that she's had to cancel and I say somewhat under my breath but not quite why can't anyone fucking email me. then I come in this office to sit and let the sweat dry and I check my email to find that she only let all of us including Elizabeth in the office know at 1:30 and by then I'd already left the house. so it's Judith's fault but she's having medical issues so I can't really even be all that mad at her except that I wish she'd figured out a little earlier that she wouldn't be able to make it.

truth be told I'm slightly relieved because I've been fartzing around and am just getting back to re-reading the essay we were to be discussing in a little over half an hour from now. but I also am disappointed because I came up with some good questions for the first page and a half that I read on BART not to mention that I dressed up a little and got myself all mentally prepared and I realize I should be over this sort of thing this late in my career but meeting with Judith still intimidates me even though she's never ever managed to make me feel like an idiot, inadvertently or otherwise.

so here I am with the essay in english and in german and with my german dictionary so I might as well sit and read. I took my shirt off because it was dripping with sweat because I hoofed it up the hill so I would have more time to prepare. I don't think anyone will come in but there are two closed doors so I will have some warning should someone decide to. wouldn't want to subject them to my bright white sparsely furred chest. but the worst feeling in the world (ok. maybe not the worst.) is that of wet clothing sticking to your back. ick.

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