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the problem

I just want to write a drum line.

the deal is though the drum machine I have is a piece of shit so writing drum lines on it is always an exercise in extreme frustration.

on the other hand it works fine as a midi controller so that I can use it to play the software drum sampler I bought awhile ago, Battery.

under OS X I can't get the usb/midi interface to talk to Battery but it works fine if I boot up in 9.2

GarageBand only runs under OS X but I can't figure out how to get it to work as a sequencer for Battery in OS X, nor even how to get sounds from Battery to show up in GarageBand. I've read that it is possible to do both but those reports don't actually say how to do it.

Deck is a useless piece of shit when it comes to VST instruments so I don't even bother with it. it theoretically runs both in OS X and OS 9 but it's performance in OS X is spotty. I don't know how to get Battery to talk to it in any case.

some time ago I picked up on old copy of Cubase VST for OS 9. I've never read the manual so I don't really know how to get it to work but under OS 9 Cubase will recognize Battery and I can get the usb/midi interface actually to send notes to Battery so one would conclude that I should be happy that everyone talks to everyone else in OS 9 but

Cubase has this big honking manual. and I really wanted to be able to use the drum machine to trigger Battery and be able to record individual drums in individual tracks in GarageBand not only so I can be cool like all the other kids who use GarageBand but because after spending a couple of years with it I vastly prefer OS X to OS 9. that and the fact that airport only works with X so that while I am booted into 9 I can't check my email and we know it is absolutely necessary that I be able to check email at any time.

I could try running all of the above in the Classic environment while actually booted into X. I haven't tried that yet but anticipate problems.

thus I think I have to read the Cubase manual and find some decent documentation for Battery for although it tells you you can have up to 16 outputs to your favorite recording software when running as a VST plugin, it doesn't give the first clue as to how to do it. "the output can be set in the Out panel" is all it says. no matter what I type in the output box in the Out panel it reverts back to "s1/2" which means it thinks I am still wanting it to talk to the physical stereo outputs on my computer rather than the many outputs I have tried to make available between it and Cubase.

the real problem is that this evening I just wanted to write a drum line and did not want to read a bunch of manuals. how I long for the days when to get one piece of equipment to talk to another you just plugged them into each other. no panoply of protocols to worry about. no obscure language about midi modes and channels and genuflections and burnt offerings. no wondering where the magical synapse between your usb bus and your recording software might lie. no having to go searching the internet for updated drivers and firmware and help files which are ultimately of no help.

the odd thing is that ordinarily I love reading manuals. and searching for information on the internet. but the problem really with all this digital recording stuff is that it is just complicated enough that it takes a few days to figure it out and once you have it figured out if you go off and do something else for a few weeks you will have forgotten most of what you learned to do and I have other things I have to do so can't study digital recording for forty hours a week.

I just wanted to write a drum line.

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