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sun to sun

I'm sleeping too much. what else is new I know but if I'm staying up till 1am I can't then sleep twelve hours like I did last night/today.

today at least is a day off so it's not like I slept through work time but now I have limited play time before nightfall. do I:

play guitar
write drum lines
play bass
go for a ride
go on a photography expedition

I could go for a ride and take my camera and then come back and make music except that I like taking pictures best when the sun is low on the horizon for that crepuscular feel. I could make music now and then take the camera out in the evening either incorporating a ride or a drive except I also must shower before doing much of anything and we know what showering does to the finger callusses.

I could sit here indecisively on the internet for an hour or two until my choices are narrowed by the passing time but I do that too often and thus end up not being able to fit in everything I think I want to do.

oh and I could read for pleasure although that is nearly impossible.

coffee will help.

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